ASHA 2019

Thursday presentations

Imagining More for Children with Speech Sound Disorders: Beyond Speech Production
Brosseau-Lapre, Vuolo, Farquharson, & Cabbage

Development of the Speech & Spelling Coding Scheme
Farquharson, Paulk, Kochis, Wood, & Patton-Terry

Single Sound Errors in the School Setting: Is It Just Artic?


Friday Presentations

Speech Language Pathologists’ Experiences With Serving Students With Traumatic Brain Injury
Holly Trujillo, Chelsea Kunitz, Erin Bush, Kelly Farquharson, Whitney Schneider-Cline, Christina Yeager Pelatti, Judith Harvey

Child- & Therapy-Level Factors that Contribute to PCC Gain for Children With Speech Sound Disorders
Kelly Farquharson, Sherine Tambyraja, Laura Justice

Examining Quality of IEP Goals for Children With Traumatic Brain Injury
Katherine Goodwin, Kelly Farquharson, Christina Yeager Pelatti, Whitney Schneider-Cline, Erin Bush, Judith Harvey

Exploring the Lexical Characteristics of Articulation Tests: Imagining More for Speech Sound Assessments
Kelly Farquharson, Toby Macrae, Jessica Willette

Consonant Cluster Productions in Preschool Children who Speak African American English as Their First Dialect
Toby Macrae, Rachel Hoge, Kelly Farquharson, Shannon Hall-Mills, Hannah Cardoso, Michelle Chavarro, Sara Collins, Rashima Davis, Hope Leardini, Julia Matteson, Ana Torres

Use of Design Thinking to Inform Eligibility Recommendations for Students with Speech Sound Disorders
Jaumeiko Coleman, Kelly Farquharson, Judith Montgomery, Barbara Moore

Saturday presentations

Leadership & Advocacy Skills for Students & Speech-Language Pathologists
Craig Coleman, Kelly Farquharson

Understanding & Overcoming Persistent Barriers to Effective EBP Implementation
Autumn McIlraith, Carrie Cooper, Kelly Dodge, Kelly Farquharson, Jillian Hall, Crystal Hutchins, Nicole Sparapani, Laurel Towers