Eligibility for speech sound disorders

This has been a big week in the speech sound disorder world.  CLaSS Lab director, Dr. Kelly Farquharson was interviewed on two podcasts and had two publications released on the broad topic of eligibility for children with speech sound disorders.

Podcasts to check out:

Dr. Tiffany Hogan’s See Hear Speak podcast, Episode 3.  Hear Dr. Farquharson talk with Dr. Holly Storkel about the “new” speech sound norms and eligibility for services for children with speech sound disorders.  Be sure to check out the other fantastic episodes of this podcast, as well!!

True Confessions with Lisa and Sarah (creators of SLP Toolkit) – Episode 19.  Dr. Farquharson talks with Lisa and Sarah about how we might reconsider providing services to children with speech sound disorders.


Articles to check out:

In a special issue of ASHA Perspectives in Language Learning and Education (SIG 1), edited by Dr. Holly Storkel:

It might not be “just artic”: The Case for the Single Sound Error by Kelly Farquharson

Using developmental norms for speech sounds as a means of determining treatment eligibility in schools by Holly Storkel

Standardized Tests and the Diagnosis of Speech Sound Disorders by Leah Fabiano-Smith

Eligibility and Speech Sound Disorders: Assessment of Social Impact by Breanna Krueger

In a special issue of Seminars in Speech and Language, edited by Dr. Katy Cabbage:

Speech Sound Disorders in Children by Katy Cabbage

Describing how school-based SLPs determine eligibility for children with speech sound disorders by Kelly Farquharson & Sherine Tambyraja

Clinical Challenges: Assessing Toddler Speech Sound Productions by Shari Deveney

What do children with speech sound disorders think about their talking?  By Jane McCormack, Sharynne McLeod, and Kate Crowe

Innovative service delivery models for serving children with speech sound disorders. By Francoise Brosseau-Lapre and Tamar Greenwell

Speech Sound Disorder and Visual Biofeedback Intervention: A preliminary investigation in treatment intensity by Elaine Hitchcock, Michelle T. Swartz, and Melissa Lopez.

Phonological Treatment Options for Children with expressive language impairment by Jill Hoover


Also check out this article by The Informed SLP